Host A Showing

Hosting a showing of That Which Costs is easy and free! This 24 minute short film is perfect to show as an illustration or conversation starter at a youth group. The short length of the movie leaves time for a pastor to include a Bible study based on the theme of offering to God that which costs us something (2 Samuel 24:24). Consider showing this film at your next outreach followed by a gospel message.

To host a showing complete the following steps:

  • Download and print the movie posters to advertise your show (feel free to modify them)
  • Advertise the show in your church bulletin, online on social media and other ways.
  • Use the vimeo link to show the HD version of this movie to your group (or once one Vimeo click the “download” link to reduce buffering issues)
  • Follow up with a Bible study or gospel message to give your audience a chance to respond. Watch our related videos for ideas on what to share.
  • Email us to let us know how your event worked!